How Cortisol Reducing Supplements Can Help with Weight Loss

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Apr 19, 2023

Weight loss is a challenging process that requires a combination of healthy lifestyle habits. Sometimes simply changing up your diet and exercise routine isn’t enough, and you may be looking for additional support. One support method that has gained popularity in recent years is cortisol reducing supplements. These supplements claim to lower your stress levels and decrease the amount of the cortisol levels produced by the body. In this blog, we’ll explore the relationship between cortisol and stress, and the effectiveness of cortisol reducing supplements for weight loss. 

What are cortisol reducing supplements?

You may be wondering what exactly cortisol reducing supplements are, and what cortisol does to the body. Cortisol is popularly known as the stress hormone and is often associated with weight gain. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, which happens in response to stress. When you experience different types of stress, your body will release cortisol. High levels of cortisol can have negative effects on your body, such as a suppressed immune system, increased blood pressure, weight gain, and digestion issues. 

Cortisol reducing supplements are commonly formulated with ingredients that are thought to lower cortisol levels. These ingredients may include different vitamins, minerals, adaptogenic herbs, and other compounds that have stress reducing effects on the body. Certain ingredients like Ashwagandha are thought to be especially helpful in lowering the body’s stress hormones and reducing overall cortisol levels. The effectiveness of cortisol reducing supplements are still being researched, and further studies need to be conducted to really understand if they work. 

high levels of cortisol have negative effects on your body

How do these supplements speed up weight loss?

How do these supplements speed up the weight loss process? Similar to the research needed on cortisol supplements, more studies need to be done to prove the claims that these supplements lead to weight loss. However, they may indirectly help with weight loss in a few ways. These cortisol reducing supplements may affect the body’s metabolism and energy balance. 

High cortisol levels have also been linked to increased appetite and cravings for high caloric foods. By lowering the cortisol levels in the body, your appetite may decrease leading to weight loss. These supplements may also improve stress and anxiety levels, which makes for an easier time losing weight.

While cortisol reducing supplements can be efficient tools to help lose weight, they should be used in combination with a healthy lifestyle. There are natural ways to reduce cortisol levels as well, which we will explore below!

Natural ways to reduce cortisol

If you aren’t looking to test out different supplements in order to lower your cortisol, there are natural ways to do it as well. Medical News Today lists various ways to naturally lower cortisol levels. Some of our favorites mentioned include:

  • Try relaxation techniques: Practicing different relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation can help to relieve stress levels and promote more regular cortisol levels in the body.
  • Eat a more balanced diet: Eating a more balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods can help to promote more healthy cortisol levels in the body.
  • Get enough sleep: Getting adequate sleep is crucial for almost all aspects of our lives! Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night to reduce cortisol levels naturally. If this is something you struggle with, you can implement sleep promoting supplements such as Relaxium Sleep into your everyday routine. 
  • Exercise regularly: Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, particularly high intensity workouts such as HIIT (high intensity interval training), weight lifting, or running. 
eat a more balanced diet

Benefits of weight loss

If you find yourself reducing your cortisol levels, whether through supplements or natural approaches, you will most likely lose a few pounds. Losing weight can have many positive impacts on the body. Weight loss can improve mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, which in turn reduce your cortisol levels. Weight loss can also improve your quality of sleep, and reduce the risk of certain diseases. Overall, reducing cortisol through weight loss can have several positive benefits for both physical and mental health.

promote relaxation

Relaxium Calm

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