Dream Deep, Sleeping Beauty with 8 Amazing Ingredients!

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Feb 4, 2019

I was recently binge-watching old Disney movies and noticed something many of the characters had in common—and no, it’s not their deceased parents.

It’s deep sleep!

Sleeping Beauty comes to mind first, but Snow White had such a deep sleep that the dwarfs thought she was dead! Cinderella worked hard all day but managed to wake up at dawn well-rested and cheerful. The list continues.

Do you ever wish you could get “Disney” style deep sleep?

I wouldn’t recommend their methods of being cursed by an evil witch, but I can recommend Relaxium products!

The fact is you need a good night’s sleep — each and every night.

I specialize in neurology and have been helping people get the sleep they need — naturally — for over 20 years. I’ve authored numerous medical papers and have given lectures all over the country. When I’m not seeing patients at my clinic in Florida, I’m researching safe, natural ways to help people overcome sleep problems.

I’ve had great success using natural, non-pharmaceutical ingredients to help my patients sleep soundly through the night. The key, I’ve discovered, is combining remedies that promote relaxation and help to mitigate the harmful effects of stress on the body to restore the body’s natural sleep cycles.

Here are the natural sleep aids that I’ve found to be the most effective with my patients:

I’ve found in my clinical experience that a specific combination of the natural sleep aids listed above, at very precise dosages, is most effective. The problem with most sleep supplements is that they only contain a single ingredient—melatonin being the most common. And even worse, they often contain ingredients of sub-par quality and doses that are far too low to have any significant impact.

I’ve heard way too many times from new patients that they tried natural sleep products in the past and they “just didn’t work.” However, in almost all cases, they just had not found the right product. My patients are always amazed at how effective these natural sleep aids can be once implementing the correct regimen, and they’re often shocked at how much better they feel within a matter of days.

My goal in creating Relaxium Sleep was to offer an ultra premium, natural, effective and non-habit-forming sleep aid at an affordable price. This way, everyone can easily and safely get the benefits of healthy sleep without worrying about the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical and over-the-counter sleep aids.

Here’s why I am confident that Relaxium Sleep is simply the best formula and best value available:
The perfect synergistic blend of ingredients, based on my clinical experience and background as a medical doctor
The highest quality ingredients available for reliable potency and effectiveness
It’s safe and non-habit-forming, meaning it comes with no risk of side effects or dependency
It’s an incredible value! If you purchased all of the ingredients found in Relaxium Sleep separately, you’d be paying 5 times more and taking 3 times as many pills.

See how a Disney deep sleep is possible—without a curse!

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