Curating the best morning routine (for a stress free day)!

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Feb 10, 2023

A healthy morning routine can help you develop healthy habits. If you find yourself constantly struggling with stress and anxiety during your day, it may be a good idea to switch up your morning routine. There are actually habits and steps you can add to your morning routine to set you up for a less stressful day. Read more about how to curate the best morning routine below that will reduce your stress throughout the day!

Make your bed as soon as you wake up

As simple as it is, making your bed can really help set you up for a great day. By making your bed in the morning, you already feel like you have accomplished something. This starts your day off on a positive note, and encourages you to do more simple tasks around the house. Best Mattress Brand surveyed Americans to see how they feel about making their bed in the morning. Of those people, 82 percent found that completing a small morning task such as making the bed helped them feel more productive throughout the day. It’s also hard to feel calm in a messy room, so simply making your bed can actually help relieve stress and make your environment more inviting.

Stay unplugged for the first hour of your day

Instead of your phone being the first thing you see in the morning, try not to look at it for the first hour of your day. This immediate distraction can cause you plenty of stress and anxiety, and it’s best to avoid that early in the morning. According to HuffPost, checking your phone first thing in the morning will do several things: make you more stressed out and overwhelmed, make it more difficult for you to prioritize tasks, and make you feel already behind in your day.

Drink plenty of water

This seems pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how many people are actually dehydrated. Your day should start with a big glass of water, and there are various health benefits as to why. Some of these benefits you will find is that you have an increase in energy, your metabolism will be stimulated, your mental performance will be boosted, and it helps keep your digestive system in order. It’s an amazing way to start your morning. Dehydration can hinder your physical performance, mood, and focus, so it’s important to drink plenty of water when you first wake up.

Begin your day with stretches

Stretching right when you wake up is a great way to kickstart your day. Besides the fact that stretching feels good and can help give you energy, it is also a great way to relieve stress. This is because stretching helps to eliminate tension in your muscles, and even release endorphins to give you a sense of relaxation right before you begin your day. 

Plan ahead for your day

A little bit of planning goes a long way. Whether this involves journaling, jotting things down in your notes app, or making mental notes – try to plan your day out ahead of time to relieve any anxieties that may appear. Creating a simple to-do list will help to make you feel less overwhelmed by the amount of things you may need to get done. Planning ahead will also allow you to prioritize the tasks that are most important to get done. This also allows you to allot certain times of the day for breaks, so you can take a breather and relax.

Try to fit in some light exercise

Even though it’s not always ideal to be exercising early in the morning, it’s a great way to alleviate stress. Getting your body moving early in the morning is a way to ensure that you will have a calm day. There are several studies showing the relationship between exercise and stress relief, and the American Psychological Association reports on this often. In a study done showing the relationship between exercise and stress relief, they found that 53 percent of adults say that they feel good about themselves after exercising, 35 percent say it puts them in a good mood, and 30 percent say they feel less stressed after exercising. Getting in just half of an hour of exercise in the morning if you can, will set you up for a better day!

Eating a fulfilling breakfast

It’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Eating a nourishing meal in the morning will help to fuel your day. There is still more research to be done on why exactly eating a healthy breakfast leads to less stress throughout the day. But what we do know is that certain nutrients, such as magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc, can have a positive impact on stress symptoms. Try incorporating healthy breakfast foods, including avocados, eggs, oatmeal, berries, and yogurt, to be able to set yourself up for a more positive day!

Relaxium Calm

Even though we mentioned some tips to set you up for a stress free day, sometimes you might need something extra to relieve the stress. Lucky for you, Relaxium Calm is a safe, effective, and non-habit forming calming supplement. Relaxium Calm is a life-enhancing supplement designed to promote relaxation and help elevate your mood, all while supplying you with vital nutrients. With Relaxium Calm, you will be able to attain mental clarity, stress relief, relaxation, and enhanced focus. Start your morning with Relaxium Calm to ensure you will have a worry free day. 

To restful and healthy days ahead. 

The Relaxium Team 

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